Gregory Ruvinsky

My name is Gregory Ruvinsky. I am a wood artist and a maker of Judaica objects, living and working in Jerusalem, Israel.

My artistic biography began at the age of 12, when I fell in love with carving wood and building model ships. Since that time, I have been learning and practicing woodworking, which has become my current full-time occupation.

In 1974, I graduated from the Leningrad Hydro-meteorological Institute as an engineer-oceanologist. Subsequently, I took part in numerous marine and aerial expeditions in the former Soviet Union. Throughout my professional career I devoted much of my spare time to my craft, perfecting and expanding my artistic skills, as well as teaching children carving and marquetry.

In 1991, I immigrated to Israel, where I have continued to work with wood, focusing on Judaica themes and motifs. On the one hand, I adhere to the Jewish tradition; on the other, I explore novel ideas and forms. All my objects are made exclusively of rare and exotic woods that I decorate with silver and mammoth tusk, using a variety of inlay and overlay techniques.

For several years, I have taken part in numerous Judaica exhibits in Israel and the United States. Many of my works are currently on a permanent display in a number of art galleries in Jerusalem, ISRAEL and New York, NY.

In addition, my works are included in over 250 private collections throughout the world.

Recently, four of my wood carvings were featured in a volume "500 Judaica" published by Lark Books, Sterling Publishing Co. N.Y. 2010.

In the past years I took part in many art and judaica exhibitions
in Israel and abroad:
a. International Judaica Fair, Jerusalem, 1998, 2000, 2002;
b. “Jerusalem Post” annual fairs of Jewish Art, 1996-2000;
c. An annual fairs of The Center for Conservative Judaism, Jerusalem,
1996- 1999;
d. An annual Judaica Craft Show at Bet Am Shalom Synagoge
NY, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009 ;
e. UAHC Biennial Exhibition, Boston, MA, 2001;
f. Judaica Art Fair at Queen College, 2002;
g. The Mitzvah Malls, Connecticut, Philadelphia, New Jersey, 2002;
h. All Judaic Art Fair at Moriah Congregation, Deerfield, Illinois,
2004, 2006;
i. A Festival of Jewish Artisans, Los Angeles, California, 2004, 2005;
j. 24th Hanukkah Arts Festival, Ansche Chesed, New York, NY, 2004.
k. Judaica Art Festival, Dallas, TX, 2006
l. Judaica Art Festival, Fairfax, JCC of Great Washington, DC, 2007